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Hotel Königshof Mainz
Schottstraße 1-5
55116 Mainz
Phone: +49-(0)6131-960110
Fax: +49-(0)6131-611271

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Mainz’ carnival is only one of many aspects which make the 2000-year old city a popular holiday destination. Rhineland-Palatine’s capital offers its guests and residents a broad range of cultural and touristic sites.


The 1000-year old cathedral, the Gutenberg museum, the Catholic church St. Stephan with nine unique windows designed by Marc Chagall, and the picturesque historic district are only a few of Mainz’ beautiful sights. Many theaters and other venues reflect the cultural diversity of the city.


On board of a KD ship, by car or public transportation you can quickly reach Rhinehessen, the Rhine gorge or the Rhinegau. Here you can forget your daily routine over a delicious glass of wine and enjoy the down-to-earth, rustic charm of German hospitality. Whine fairs, castles, monasteries, and the Rhine contribute to the distinctive atmosphere of the region. The Rhine gorge is a world heritage site since 2002.